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The Rat Trap

October 2021

Written by: Neal Smith

Directed by Kate Pope

Winfrith Drama Group invites you to become detectives! “The Rat-Trap” is a brand new light-hearted murder mystery to be staged at Winfrith Village Hall on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd October 2021 (with a two course supper).
Eight celebrities are enticed to a seemingly deserted island; all are full of their own importance, all have a reason to despise, hate or generally dislike all of their fellow celebrities. Marvel as their vacuousness shines out and they soon get their claws into each other, but only one is willing to resort to murder, but why?
Was it pompous writer, Richard? Celebrity chef Gordon? Washed up comedian Eric? Sleazy politician Norris? Hippy singer and songwriter Judy? Minor royal, Archie? Or celebrity airhead Chardonnay? And why has celebrity critic Grace suddenly appeared – uninvited? And who is their absent host Ms Sue Dohnim and her sidekick the mysterious Mr Rhee? Blimey, that’s a lot of questions!
So, can you work out who organised this delightful get-together and why?
And who committed the murder and why