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The Arabian Nights

Directed by Susan Bessant

Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Lighting & Sounds
Scenery Painting
Music and lyrics
Additional lyrics
Sounds and music production
Children’s choreography
Front of House
Neal Smith
Rab Parish
James Bland
Richard Markham Pat Boland
Susan Bessant, Amy Belcher, Wendy Jones and cast members
Mo Parish
Robyn Semple-Dower
Neal Smith, Dave Evans
Jonathan Moore

Wendy Jones, Ruth Evans, Kate Pope & members of the cast
Susan Bessant
Gemma Dale
Jill Maynard
Friends and family of the cast
Friends and family of the cast
Winfrith Village Stores

This show is dedicated to the memory of our friend Susan Mottram, who was a part of our Drama Group family for so many years.  Thank you Sue, for all the happy memories – you will always be in our hearts.

The Narrator
Princess Jasmine
Dame Widow Twanky
Washed Uppee
Sinbad the Sailor
The Wicked Wazir
Wazir Junior
The Emperor Penn Gwinn
The Empress Kylie
The Genie of the Lamp
Ali the Barber

Mo Parish
René Smith
Amy Belcher
Dave Evans
Neal Smith
Pat Pettit
Jonathan Moore
Jill Withey
John Yonwin
Lesley Gazeley
Susan Bessant
Kate Pope

Julie Trent
Bernadette Crowe
Ruth Evans
Wendy Jones
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