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Cinderella and the Velvet Slipper

Written by   Peter NuttallDirected by Susan Bessant & Amy Belcher

The Cast

CinderellaRobyn Semple-Dower
GeorginaJonathan Moore
DavinaInez Wilkins
King CharmingJill Withey
Prince CharmingPat Pettitt
DandiniRené Smith
ButtonsWendy Jones
TwiddleKate Pope
Toggles the WitchSusan Bessant


Stage ManagerRab Parish
Lighting & SoundsAmy Belcher and Dave Evans
Scenery PaintingSusan Bessant, Amy Belcher & Wendy Jones
PromptMo Parish
MusicRobyn Semple-Dower
Sounds and EffectsJonathan Moore
WardrobeWendy Jones
Childrens’ ChoreographyGemma Dale
Additional ScriptNeal Smith
Make-upJill Maynard
RefreshmentsFriends and family of the cast
Front of HouseFriends and family of the cast
BookingsWinfrith Village Stores