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The Arabian Nights

Directed by Susan Bessant

Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Lighting & Sounds
Scenery Painting
Music and lyrics
Additional lyrics
Sounds and music production
Children’s choreography
Front of House
Neal Smith
Rab Parish
James Bland
Richard Markham Pat Boland
Susan Bessant, Amy Belcher, Wendy Jones and cast members
Mo Parish
Robyn Semple-Dower
Neal Smith, Dave Evans
Jonathan Moore

Wendy Jones, Ruth Evans, Kate Pope & members of the cast
Susan Bessant
Gemma Dale
Jill Maynard
Friends and family of the cast
Friends and family of the cast
Winfrith Village Stores

This show is dedicated to the memory of our friend Susan Mottram, who was a part of our Drama Group family for so many years.  Thank you Sue, for all the happy memories – you will always be in our hearts.

The Narrator
Princess Jasmine
Dame Widow Twanky
Washed Uppee
Sinbad the Sailor
The Wicked Wazir
Wazir Junior
The Emperor Penn Gwinn
The Empress Kylie
The Genie of the Lamp
Ali the Barber

Mo Parish
René Smith
Amy Belcher
Dave Evans
Neal Smith
Pat Pettit
Jonathan Moore
Jill Withey
John Yonwin
Lesley Gazeley
Susan Bessant
Kate Pope

Julie Trent
Bernadette Crowe
Ruth Evans
Wendy Jones
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The Cemetery Club

In July 2023 two performances of this touching comedy drama were carried at at Marley House in Winfrith.

Directed by Kate Pope


IdaSusan Bessant
LucilleWendy Jones
DorisInez Wilkins
SamNeal Smith
MildredPat Pettit
Random Grave DiggerRab Parrish

Sound : Jon Moore

Set Building: Rab Parrish

Prompt: Mo Parrish

plus help on the day from various group members.

The Cemetery Club follows three widows, who meet once a month for tea before going to visit their husbands’ graves. Ida is sweet tempered and ready to begin a new life, Lucille just wants to have fun and Doris is prudish and judgemental, particularly when widower Sam the butcher enters the scene; a touching and humorous tale ensues.

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Cinderella and the Velvet Slipper

Written by   Peter NuttallDirected by Susan Bessant & Amy Belcher

The Cast

CinderellaRobyn Semple-Dower
GeorginaJonathan Moore
DavinaInez Wilkins
King CharmingJill Withey
Prince CharmingPat Pettitt
DandiniRené Smith
ButtonsWendy Jones
TwiddleKate Pope
Toggles the WitchSusan Bessant


Stage ManagerRab Parish
Lighting & SoundsAmy Belcher and Dave Evans
Scenery PaintingSusan Bessant, Amy Belcher & Wendy Jones
PromptMo Parish
MusicRobyn Semple-Dower
Sounds and EffectsJonathan Moore
WardrobeWendy Jones
Childrens’ ChoreographyGemma Dale
Additional ScriptNeal Smith
Make-upJill Maynard
RefreshmentsFriends and family of the cast
Front of HouseFriends and family of the cast
BookingsWinfrith Village Stores
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Last Tango and Panto in Little Winfrith

29th and 30th September 2022


LITTLE Winfrith Amateur Dramatic Society is in trouble. The membership has dwindled to four – the audiences aren’t much bigger – and if they don’t come up with some rent money soon, they’re going to be thrown out. “There’s only one thing that sells tickets these days” argues Gordon the Chairman. “Sex!” 
Thus begins the chaotic and hilarious build-up to an evening of extraordinary home-grown drama – an evening the locals would never forget! 


The sequel to the tremendously popular ‘Last Tango’ sees Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard tackle the Christmas pantomime with predictably hilarious results. 

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The Rat Trap

October 2021

Written by: Neal Smith

Directed by Kate Pope

Winfrith Drama Group invites you to become detectives! “The Rat-Trap” is a brand new light-hearted murder mystery to be staged at Winfrith Village Hall on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd October 2021 (with a two course supper).
Eight celebrities are enticed to a seemingly deserted island; all are full of their own importance, all have a reason to despise, hate or generally dislike all of their fellow celebrities. Marvel as their vacuousness shines out and they soon get their claws into each other, but only one is willing to resort to murder, but why?
Was it pompous writer, Richard? Celebrity chef Gordon? Washed up comedian Eric? Sleazy politician Norris? Hippy singer and songwriter Judy? Minor royal, Archie? Or celebrity airhead Chardonnay? And why has celebrity critic Grace suddenly appeared – uninvited? And who is their absent host Ms Sue Dohnim and her sidekick the mysterious Mr Rhee? Blimey, that’s a lot of questions!
So, can you work out who organised this delightful get-together and why?
And who committed the murder and why

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A Formula for Murder

Winfrith Drama Group invites you to assist Inspector Silver in piecing together the events and circumstances leading to the murder of an employee of the University of Dorset (Winfrith Campus). But was the unfortunate victim the intended target or just an innocent bystander, in the wrong place at the wrong time?
“A Formula for Murder” is a brand new murder mystery to be staged at Winfrith Village Hall on Friday 14th June 2019 (with a two course supper).
With clues and red-herrings throughout the performance, can you help Inspector Silver piece together the motives and means and determine who is the potential victim attending an event to honour University chemistry Professor Alice Argent?
Is it the good professor herself or the scheming University Dean or ruthless businessman Charles, or maybe environmental activist Davina or University employees Esther or Fiona? And who is the would-be murderer? All have the means, motive and opportunity, but who has the nerve and need to commit murder?